Taylor Swift’s deepfake images go viral on internet



Taylor Swift is the latest victim of the deep fake images. The popular singer has suffered the fate of many other actors who have been suffering from the misuse of AI. In X, there has been a circulation of deep fake images that have received a lot of views and shares within hours of posting. It took about 17 hours for the images to be removed from X by the officials.

By then, many users had come across the Deep fake images of Swift. There can be positive and negative usages of AI. It can be helpful in many activities. at the same time, it can harm the reputation of the individuals. Many popular directors and actors have spoken against the technology in the past. The likes of Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, and Keanu Reeves are some of the names.

In fact, the popular actress Scarlett Johansson ended up filing a case against such users. On X, Taylor’s images that were sexually provocative and of explicit positions went viral on X. The users on X started sharing them and soon there were over 45 million views achieved by the same. It has been a phenomenon in the social media to circulate deep fake images.

‘Such behaviour is repulsive and should be considered illegal’ – Fans

The fans of the singer were not happy with it and expressed their anguish over the incident. Taking to X, a user and a fan of Swift commented “Protect Taylor Swift the way she protects her fans. Swifties have protected her in the best possible way. Taylor Swift AI creator is in hell now Love y’all swifties around the world.” The fans of the Hollywood singer have expressed their anguish in all possible ways.

Another user wrote, “Creating an AI of her naked body and engaging in s*xual harassment is unacceptable, regardless of her financial status. Such behaviour is repulsive and should be considered illegal.” A user commented “The men that hate Taylor Swift are absolute trash. They can not stand a strong, successful woman doing well. All the men who post these images should be banned. I stand with Tay Tay.”

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