‘Poori duniya se kaho copy that’ – Fans celebrate as India’s Chandrayaan 3 successfully lands on moon’s surface



India have created history as The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)’s Chandrayaan-3 mission became successful as Vikram Lander touched down near the South Pole of the Moon. Scientists at the Isro command centre, who were waiting with bated breath for the big moment, were delighted and also emotional after the successful soft landing.

Indian people on social media also expressed their feelings and celebrated the success of the country on social media. Many cricket fans were also delighted and congratulated each other as it is the success of the entire country. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi also addressed the media and congratulated the team and the country as well. 

“Every Indian is celebrating today. Every home is celebrating. I am also connected to the people of my country at this proud moment. We can all aspire to the Moon and beyond” Modi was quoted as saying by India Today.

Indian cricketers also celebrated Chandrayaan 3 successful landing on the moon

Indian cricket team who are currently in Ireland for the 3-match T20I series watched the landing live on ISRO’s YouTube channel. A video of an Indian cricketer celebrating the successful landing of Chandrayaan is also getting viral on the internet in which they can be seen clapping as the celebration. 

Former Indian legendary cricketer MS Dhoni‘s daughter Ziva also celebrated the massive feat. Dhoni’s wife Sakshi posted a story on her Instagram story in which Ziva can be seen dancing in joy over India’s huge success.

Watch the video here:

The mission was launched on July 14 from the southern state of Andhra Pradesh which is India’s main space port. Chandrayaan-3 is anticipated to operate for two weeks, conducting a range of experiments, including a spectrometer analysis of the lunar surface’s mineral composition.

The primary objectives of Chandrayaan-3 are to demonstrate safe and soft landing on the lunar surface, to demonstrate roving capabilities on the moon and to conduct in-situ scientific experiments on the lunar surface.

Here’s how fans reacted:

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