Daniil Medvedev calls AO crowd ‘low IQ’



Daniil Medvedev raised a storm with his comments after advancing to the third round of the Australian Open by beating Nick Kyrgios (7-6, 6-4, 4-6, 6-2).

In the post-match interview, he vented about the crowd that vocally supported the hometown Kyrgios throughout the match.

The issue erupted when Medvedev misinterpreted the crowd’s cheers of “Siu” — a celebration made popular by soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo — as boos.

When interviewer Jim Courier tried to clear up the miscommunication, he couldn’t hear the explanation due to the noisy crowd.

Medvedev snapped – “Show some respect for Jim Courier, let him speak, please. If you respect somebody, at least respect Jim Courier.”

Later he even claimed that the Australian Open crowd had a low IQ.

These comments are not going to endear him to the local crowd, for sure!

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