‘Looks like Tennis’ little brother’ – Star Tennis players open up on why they hate ‘Pickleball’



In a promotional video for the ongoing Canadian Open 2023, several popular Tennis stars were asked about their views on the fast-growing sport called ‘Pickleball’. Pickleball is a paddle and ball game that combines elements of Tennis, Badminton, and Table Tennis and is garnering a lot of attention as the fastest-growing sport in America. The views from these Tennis stars further fuelled the belief that Tennis players hate the sport.

With easy rules, accessibility, and simplicity of the sport, it has attracted a lot of interest from the younger population. However, Andy Murray was strong in expressing his distaste for the game while Cameron Norrie highlighted the lack of skills. “I’m not a massive fan of it myself to be honest,” Murray said. “For me, it doesn’t require any skill,” Norrie added. Andrey Rublev, however, said that the fast growth is a reason for envy leading to hate from Tennis stars. “Because it’s just a new sport that is already at the top of the search,” he said. Casper Ruud on the other hand called the sport the younger sibling of Tennis. “Kind of feels like it is the baby brother or Tennis. So, you know we always pick on your baby brother. Don’t you?” Ruud said.

“How about fixing the tennis courts in the city” – Serena William’s former coach on Pickleball

Serena Williams, the Superstar female Tennis player’s former coach Rennae Stubbs is vocal about her distaste for Pickleball. Notably, there has been considerable conversion of basketball and tennis courts into courts for the trending sport. This has caused a lot of dissatisfaction among players and fans of these sporting communities leading to natural hate for Pickleball.

The New York City Department of Parks and Recreation recently announced the construction of five state-of-the-art Pickleball facilities in Riverside Park. To the same, Stubbs has presented a stern reply. She took to Twitter and wrote, “How about fixing the tennis courts in the city and surrounding areas!? There are a lot more people wanting to play tennis in this city and you give them less and less options! Also, fix the courts u have! U know like the ones people play on with cracks and craters!”

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