Kriti Sanon dislikes this habit of Bhediya co-star Varun Dhawan



Kriti Sanon recently revealed Bhediya co-star Varun Dhawan’s annoying habit.

On Friday, November 25, Kriti Sanon and Varun Dhawan’s ambitious film Bhediya is scheduled for release. The werewolf theme, which is relatively new to Indian cinema, is central to the film, directed by Amar Kaushik. The final round of film promotions is keeping the Bhediya actors and crew very busy. Kriti Sanon recently discussed one of her least favorite Varun Dhawan habits in one of their promotional interviews.

Bhediya co-actor Varun Dhawan’s most annoying habit

Varun Dhawan’s habit of speaking in a “detached” manner during phone calls, according to Kriti Sanon, is the one that irritates her the most. She disclosed that the Bhediya actor never answers the phone and never calls back. He also never says hi, hello, or bye.

“Something that annoys me a bit, is when Varun talks on the phone there is no hi, hello, nothing. Secondly, always when he keeps the phone down there’s a subtle distraction. He doesn’t say bye, only ‘Okay I’ll just call you back haan.’ And the call never comes! It’s a very detached conversation at the beginning and the end. Like, sometimes, he won’t say bye and he will just vanish,” said Kriti.

Well we can all relate to this particular annoying habit. Looks like Varun Dhawan needs some brush up on his communication skills.

It is anticipated that Varun Dhawan would return as Bhediya in the following films of the wildly successful franchise, including Stree 2.

Bhediya which is a part of Dinesh Vijan’s Horror Comedy universe will be releasing this Friday and advance bookings for the same have started already.

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