‘Iss ahsaan ke liye aapka dhanyawaad’ – Fans react as Indian Cricket Board pay whopping amount of income tax in 2021-22, 37% higher than in 2020-2021



It will not be wrong to say that the Indian Cricket Board is the richest cricket body in the world as the board earn the biggest sum of money from the apex cricket body annually. The Board has brilliantly managed all the domestic and international games which have been played in India so far.

Meanwhile, the Indian Cricket Board paid a whopping amount of INR 1159 crores in income tax for 2021-2022. The amount is 37% higher than what they paid in the previous year. However, the sudden increase in the tax is due to the earnings of the board affected in 2019-20 because of Covid-19 and the tax was also less. But now, as the cricket action is fully back in action in the country, the earnings have also increased for the Board and so has the income tax.

The Board’s earnings in 2021-22 were INR 7606 crores while the expenditures cost them around INR 3064 crores. On the other hand, if we talk about 2020-21, the Board earned revenue of INR 4735 crores and its expenditure stood at 3080 crores. 

From where did Indian Cricket Board earn more?

The Indian Cricket Board is the wealthiest cricket board in the world and the reason behind it is the massive fan following of Team India which is bigger than any cricket fanbase in the world. No other nation enjoys a bigger fan following than the Men In Blue and it helps the Cricket Board in India to get multiple sponsor and brand deals.

Apart from that, the Cricket Board in India also earn a major sum of money from the Indian Premier League (IPL) which is again, the biggest cricket league in the world. The league is watched by fans all around the world as multiple cricketers from several countries take part in the league which helps the board to get a global viewership. It is to be believed that the Indian Cricket Board will continue to be the richest board in future as well.

Here’s how fans reacted:

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