Group Stage winners and Playoff schedule for BBD 2024



Group Stage for the million-dollar Dota 2 tournament BetBoom Dacha recently concluded. After the end of the Dota 2 pro circuit by Valve in 2023, BBD emerged as one of the biggest Dota 2 esports tournaments among others.

Out of the 12 participating teams, fans now have their top eight. These teams will be moving forward to the Upper Bracket Quarterfinals in the Playoffs running from February 11 to February 16.

LGD Gaming from Group A and Xtreme Gaming from Group B were the best-performing teams from their respective groups. On the other hand, Aurora, Virtus. pro, nouns and OG will now return home as 9th to 12 place on the leaderboard with $20,000 each.

Group A qualifiers

LGD Gaming
Team Liquid
Gaimin Gladiators
Team Falcons

Group B qualifiers

Xtreme Gaming
Team Spirit
Azure Ray
BetBoom Team


The aforementioned teams have now secured their spot in the Playoffs. All teams will start from the Upper Bracket Quarterfinals. Four winners of the Upper Bracket Quarterfinals will move to the Upper Bracket Semifinals, while the losers will land in the Lower Bracket knockout round.

Out of the four losers, only two will move to the Lower Bracket Quarterfinals. From there matches will be in the Double-elimination bracket with one team from the lower bracket and upper bracket each reaching the grand finals.

Upper Bracket Quarterfinals Schedule

LGD Gaming Vs BetBoom Team
Team Spirit Vs Gaimin Gladiators
Xtreme Gaming Vs Team Falcons
Team Liquid Vs Azure Ray

All matches for the Upper Bracket Quarterfinals will take place on February 11. Matches in the upper brackets and the lower brackets during the playoffs will be played as best-of-three. The grand finals however will be played as best-of-five with the winner of BBD 2024 taking home $400,000.

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