Drishyam 2 Title Track: Can Ajay Devgn save his family again?



The makers of Drishyam 2 released the title track of the film today.

Drishyam 2 title track starring Ajay Devgn, Tabu, Shriya Saran and Akshaye Khanna is out! Usha Uthup and Vijay Prakash perform the interesting title track. Rockstar DSP composed the music, and Amitabh Bhattacharya wrote the words. Ajay Devgn’s struggle to shield his family from the long-kept secret they kept from the police is the main theme of the song. While Akshaye Khanna is working to bring Ajay Devgn’s family, the Salgaonkars, to light.

On Wednesday, Ajay Devgn took to his Twitter account to release the song after announcing the teaser yesterday.


The track sounds suspenseful from the very beginning and blends quite nicely with the film snippets shown in the music video.

The Singham actor claimed that the Hindi version of Drishyam 2 would be completely different from Mohanlal-version Meena’s in one of his most recent interviews with Hindustan Times.

He’d stated, “There were a lot of characters added, and a lot of changes made. You won’t see Akshaye’s character in the (Malayalam) film or Gaitonde (Kamlesh Sawant). So, a lot of changes have been made but like Abhishek said, keeping the soul of the film intact. So, I think, when you see the film, it’s going to be very fresh for you.”

Watch the song here;

Abhishek Pathak wrote the screenplay for Drishyam 2 and also serves as its director. Ajay Devgn plays the role of a devoted father in it. The supporting cast of the movie is strong and include actors like Tabu, Shriya Saran, and Akshaye Khanna. On November 18, Drishyam 2 is scheduled to debut in theaters.

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