BTS star Jungkook breaks California’s State Law!



The world was left in awe of BTS member Jeon Jungkook after his smoking images went viral on social media. The images that went viral showed Jungkook conversing with his friends while blowing smoke in a California parking lot. The now-viral videos of Jungkook smoking have caused a rift on the internet, with some users supporting the golden Maknae and others accusing the singer of being morally reprehensible.

For those who are unaware, Jungkook recently travelled alone to the United States as part of his international tour after releasing his all-English single, “Seven,” featuring Latto and Han So Hee, in July. The upbeat song quickly rose to the top of the iTunes Charts and the Billboard Hot 100, making the BTS singer one of the most prosperous soloists in K-pop history.

The artist has addressed the current scandal surrounding Jungkook’s latest controversy by referring to it as a breach of his privacy. In the midst of this, a fresh round of criticism has been levelled at the ‘Left and Right’ singer, with many internet users now alleging Jungkook broke the law by smoking on the sidewalk and that the image of the ashtray outside the restaurant was outdated.

Jungkook spotted smoking

One user stated, “That Area Is Designated As A Smoking Area.” Meanwhile, on the other hand, other fans leapt to Jungkook’s defence, denying that the ‘Euphoria’ hitmaker had broken any laws with his most recent assignment.

Prior to this, a lot of netizens criticised Jungkook for providing a bad example for young people by engaging in smoking behaviour. They also made reference to the spotless reputation that K-pop celebrities would give their lives to maintain.

But those who have been paying close attention to the BTS singer know he has always been a free-spirited individual who has established his own set of norms. On multiple instances, he detailed how some followers’ relentless concern with invading his privacy had negatively impacted his mental health. In fact, he might continue to discuss it at his upcoming V live, as he normally does.

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