Brazil’s Pedro proposes to his girlfriend after selection in Brazil squad



Brazil striker Pedro Guilherme celebrated his inclusion in the Brazilian squad with a romantic gesture that has gone viral.

He proposed to his girlfriend Fernanda Nogueira after hearing that he made it to Brazil’s team to play in the Football World Cup in Qatar.

The 25-year-old found out about his selection while watching a LIVE television broadcast with Fernanda and a few members of his family.

To mark the occasion, Pedro went on his knees with a diamond ring in his hand and proposes to Fernanda.

Pedro wrote on his Instagram handle, “God is so good, so grateful to God for having this woman in my life.”

“Thank you for making me grow in every area most especially as a man of God. A new stage in our lives, may God continue to bless and protect us.”

“One man alone can be defeated, but two can defend themselves. A cord of three folds is not easily broken.”

We hope Pedro has a great World Cup.

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