Bholaa teaser out: Ajay Devgn looks dangerous and fierce



Ajay Devgn is seen meeting his daughter in Bholaa teaser.

The first teaser for Ajay Devgn’s upcoming movie, Bholaa, which he both directed and stars in, has been released. The 2019 Tamil superhit Kaithi’s official Hindi version, Bholaa, also stars Tabu.

A woman begins the little clip by looking for a young child named Jyoti in an orphanage. The girl is warned not to stay up late since someone will meet her the next day. The young girl is soon seen counting the members of her household. “Mummy, papa, dada-dadi. Aur kaun rishtedar hote hain? (Mom-dad, grandpa and grandma. Who else is called a relative)” she wonders.

The title figure is then introduced amid a sense of mystery and horror as we get to visit a prison. While waiting to be let out of prison, Ajay may be seen reading the Bhagvad Gita. He’s also described by a prisoner as: “No one knows who is he and where he came from and those who did are dead. It is said he turns people to ashes when he smears ashes on his forehead.”

Watch the trailer here;

Ajay Devgn crashes his bike into a car before hopping aboard it with a trishul, giving us another peek of the action. Ajay tweeted early on Tuesday morning to share the teaser.

An ex-convict who decided to meet his daughter for the first time after being released from prison ended up getting caught up in a shootout between the police and the drug mafia in the original movie.

Amala Paul also stars in Bholaa. After U, Me aur Hum (2008), Shivaay (2016), and Runwav 34, which was released earlier this year, this is Ajay’s fourth film as a director.

Ajay also has a few additional movies in development, including the following Maidaan from producer Boney Kapoor and the following untitled movie from filmmaker Neeraj Pandey.

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