WATCH: Virat Kohli makes young fan’s day by accepting hand-made bracelet from her

Virat Kohli accepting a gift from a young fan (Source - Twitter)
Virat Kohli accepting a gift from a young fan (Source - Twitter)

Former Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli often remains aggressive and animated on the field which shows his dedication towards the game. However, things are completely different off the field as he is one of the kindest and most down-to-earth people when it comes to interacting with his fans or making a public appearance.

The right-handed batter recently received a special gift from a young fan in Barbados after the 2nd ODI between India and West Indies. Kohli came to meet the young fan and her family after which the young girl gifted a hand-made bracelet to him. Kohli wholeheartedly accepted the gift and also wore it.

He later took some pictures with the family as well. This kind gesture of Kohli is being loved by a lot of fans on social media. The young kid said, “I was screaming ‘Kohli’, he came over and I gave him my bracelet that I made with my hands,” the kid said.

Watch the video here:

Kohli was rested for the 2nd ODI against West Indies

Her father talked about the experience of meeting the biggest sports star in the country. He said that his family loves cricket and they didn’t want to miss the chance to watch the match. He also talked about Kohli’s kind gesture towards them and said that it brought tears to his eyes as he accepted her daughter’s gift and took pictures as well.

“It’s a family reunion, we love cricket, we are a family of cricket and we thought this is the best time to be here and see the game. It was really kind of him to come over here because my daughter did really make him a bracelet and he was really nice and it… it brings tears to my eyes that he was so down to earth coming over here and wearing the bracelet in front of us and taking pictures.” the kid’s father said.

Talking about Kohli’s work front, he was rested for the 2nd ODI and didn’t get to bat in the first match as well. However, it’d be interesting to see if he will be playing the next match or not.


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