T20 World Cup: What is ‘Pak Bean’ row after Zimbabwe-Pakistan Clash?

What is ‘Pak Bean’ row after Zimbabwe-Pakistan Clash?

‘Pak Bean’ has trended on Twitter all over.

On the game eve, when the official handle of Pakistan Cricket posted training pictures, a purported Zimbabwean handle Ngugi Chasura replied, “As Zimbabweans, we won’t forgive you. You once gave us that Fraud Pak Bean instead of Mr. Bean Rowan. We will settle the matter tomorrow. Just pray that rain doesn’t save you”

When a Pakistani fan asks him to explain, he replied, “they gave us Pak Bean instead of Mr. Bean in one of our local events called Agricultural show”. And he tweeted a pic of the Pakistani look-alike at an event. “This is … Pak Bean who imitates Mr. Bean stealing people’s money”.

Who is “Pak Bean”?

The “fake Pak Bean” is Pakistani comedian Asif Muhammad, who was invited to a comedy show in Harare in 2016. A popular doppelganger of the famous Rowan Atkinson character Mr. Bean, he performed, attended road shows, and made a part of the Harare Agricultural Show.

Zimbabwe vs Pakistan match dubbed “Mr. Bean derby”

The match was dubbed the “Mr. Bean derby” as the news went viral on the internet. Zimbabwe’s President decided to join the fun and after the historic win for his team, decided to tweet a joke on the topic.

In the actual match, Zimbabwe scored 130 for 8 batting first before restricting Pakistan to 129 for 8, earning a hard-fought 1-run victory.

Mr Pak Bean’s ad with Shahid Afridi

The hilarious viral meme was brought up on a show on Samaa TV where Shahid Afridi was a panelist. The host reminded Afridi that he had acted in an advertisement with the fake Mr Bean in Pakistan.

“Yes, yes I remember,” Afridi said with a smile. “He totally looks like him. I was completely confused (“Bilkul waise hi hai yaar. Mein toh confuse ho gaya Kasam sey!”) Afridi said.

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