Samantha Ruth Prabhu promotes Yashoda despite ongoing treatment

Samantha is determined to show up and promote her film Yashoda.

In terms of her health, Samantha Ruth Prabhu is going through a difficult time as she recovers from the autoimmune disease myositis. Samantha finally talked about her recovery throughout an interview. She used this as an opportunity to set the record straight, stating that, contrary to certain claims, “she’s not dying anytime soon.” She also expressed her intention to battle this one out. The actress showed up for the Yashoda film’s promotion despite her health issues.


Samantha opens up about her Myositis recovery;

Samantha disclosed a few weeks ago that she has myositis, an inflammatory disease that affects the muscles. For the past three months, the actress has been having difficulty with it.

Samantha recently gave a lengthy interview to Yashoda in which she discussed her myositis recovery and coping mechanisms. She clarified, “As I said earlier, there are some good days and there are some bad days. On some days, getting up from bed is difficult. And on some days, I want to fight. Slowly, the days I want to fight are becoming more. It’s been three months now. I want to clarify that I am not dying anytime soon. I saw many articles that I have a life-threatening condition. No, I don’t. It’s an autoimmune condition. It’s draining and tiring. I’ve always been a fighter and I will fight.”

Samantha responded with this when asked how she handled the recovery period, “I wish I wanted to say that I used the time productively. It was dark times and very difficult. With high-dose medications and never-ending trips to doctors, my day was occupied. It’s okay if you cannot use every day productively. It’s okay to fail sometimes. It’s okay to not be your best all the time. You can be vulnerable and sick.”

Here’s the interview:

About Samantha’s work front;

Samantha’s upcoming film, Yashoda, is directed by Hari-Harish. The multilingual supernatural thriller will premiere in theaters on November 11. The actress’s subsequent film appearance, after Yashoda, will be in Shiva Nirvana’s Kushi. Her health situation has forced a postponement of the movie’s filming.

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