Kapil Dev calls Indian cricket team ‘Chokers’

Image: Instagram Kapil Dev

Kapil Dev is not known to ever hold back his opinions.

He is refreshingly candid in his views and doesn’t resort to diplomacy or sweet talk.

The Indian team’s dismal performance in the T20 World Cup has drawn some sharp criticism, from the legend.

In fact, India’s humiliating 10-wicket defeat has triggered Kapil and he has tagged the Indian team with ultimate insult.

In fact, he called them “chokers”!

This is what Kapil said.

“See, now that the match is over, it is unfair that we should come down this hard on the Indian team.”

“Yes, they did not play well and criticism is justified. But as far as today’s match, all we can say is that England read the pitch better and played better cricket.”

“I will not dwell into the details and won’t go all out in bashing them because these are the same players who have gotten us a lot of respect in the past but yes, they are chokers.”

“There is no denying it – after coming so close, they choke.”

“I get it but I would still say that the team needs to look ahead. It’s time for the youngster players to come forward and take charge,” Kapil said.

He added that the way India always stumbles in ICC tournaments is extremely alarming and concerning

“All the stats and predictions we came up with have been proven wrong. England stamped their authority and put on a display of clean T20 cricket which we rarely see.”

“Such a big win in a semifinal is rare, but full credit to England in every way. India swung he ball initially but bowled outside off.”

“And if in the first 2 overs, 20 runs are scored, the bowlers’ rhythm gets broken. Indian bowlers gave England room outside off and their batters took full advantage,” mentioned the former India captain.

Kapil Dev was unimpressed by Bhuvneshwar Kumar.

“I am not saying that Bhuvneshwar Kumar is a bad bowler but his line and length was average.”

“Generally, you would say that 170 is a par total but then your bowlers have to bowl according to the target set and the pitch. After a slow start, we recovered well but with that bowling, it never looked that we could stop England.”

Well, that’s what you get from Kapil.

The bitter truth!


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