‘Fir ye log bolenge government job nahi deti’ – Fans react as crowd more than 1 lakh gather to meet Bigg Boss OTT 2 star Elvish Yadav in Delhi

Elvish Yadav's fans gathered for a meetup (Source - Twitter)
Elvish Yadav's fans gathered for a meetup (Source - Twitter)

Bigg Boss OTT 2 star contestant and popular YouTuber Elvish Yadav owns a massive fan base from Delhi and Haryana. The fanbase is known as ‘Elvish Army’ and we often see this in the trending section of Twitter almost every day. He also gets a whopping number of votes whenever he gets nominated.

Meanwhile, Elvish’s fans recently gathered in mass numbers together for a meetup in Delhi. Over 1 lakh people came to support their idol Elvish. The video is getting viral on social media in which many fans can be seen shouting and cheering for Elvish. Many users on social media reacted to the video and left shocked to see the massive crowd that gathered just to support a reality show contestant.

Watch the video here:

However, coming back to the show, the 2nd edition of Bigg Boss OTT has finally come down to its final week. After the months of journey, the contestants will finally get to come outside the Bigg Boss house and meet their friends and family. The show has gotten 5 finalists that are Abhishek Malhan, Bebika Dhurve, Manisha Rani, Elvish and Pooja Bhatt. 

Who will crown as the winner?

It is expected the competition between Abhishek and Elvish is going to be very tough as both of them own massive following on social media. However, Abhishek has a slight advantage over Elvish as the former is inside the house since the start while Elvish entered as a wild card contestant.

On the other hand, Manisha has also been an entertaining contestant in the show. Manisha’s friendship with Abhishek and Elvish was loved by a lot of fans due to which she got massive support from them. Pooja and Bebika have also done well in the show from the start, however, in comparison with other contestants, both may struggle to win the show.


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