Audience accuses Pathaan teaser is copied from various movies

Twitter users post clips from War and other movies as evidence.

The first teaser for Shah Rukh Khan’s eagerly anticipated comeback movie Pathaan has been made available. Shah Rukh Khan appears in the teaser in a never-before-seen form, which Yash Raj Films published on the actor’s birthday. John Abraham and Deepika Padukone are with him. The preview has some heart-pounding action sequences and breath-taking scenery, and the film is scheduled to open in theaters on January 25, 2023.

While many on Twitter were celebrating SRK’s birthday and the release of this eagerly anticipated teaser, a select few have noted that the movie contains scenes that have been lifted from several other films, including “Dus,” and “WAR” (all of which were directed by Anand).

Many others shared their opinions regarding the same on Twitter.

It’s just that Siddharth Anand went too cheap with Pathaan! “#PathaanTeaser is the Cheap Version of WAR with Poor VFX and a Retired Non Action Hero! Another user on Twitter said, “#PathaanTeaser is an average show. It started on a very good note..but action scenes are not looking new or breathtaking… The problem with the teaser is #SiddharthAnand.. his majority of the action blocks are copied from some Hollywood films, but here Pathaan action is.

A voiceover discussing Pathaan’s whereabouts begins the teaser. For the past three years, nothing has been heard about him. His last assignment resulted in his capture and torture. No one knows if Pathaan is still alive or not. Pathaan, played by Shah Rukh, begins with his trademark laugh and says, “Zinda hai.” Shah Rukh then launches into a series of intense action scenes that are sure to delight his fans.

Deepika also appears in the trailer, and she looks nothing short of a Bond Girl. In the video, she is also seen doing a few battle scenes. John is shown in the teaser as well. The trailer also alluded to a confrontation between Shah Rukh and John.

Shah Rukh Khan makes his lead acting comeback in Pathaan after an absence of more than four years. He last appeared in the 2018 film Zero.

The movie will hit theaters on January 25th 2023. The movie will be available in Telugu, Tamil, and Hindi.

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