Arshdeep Singh reacts to Social Media Trolling, says it will motivate him

Arshdeep Singh reacts to Social Media Trolling, says it will motivate him

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Arshdeep Singh has been the center of controversy after he dropped a catch during India vs Pakistan clash.

On Sunday, when Team India faced arch-rivals Pakistan, Arshdeep Singh dropped a catch  in the 18th over of Pakistan’s chase of 182 shifting the momentum away from the Rohit Sharma-led side

Asif Ali was the batter who was dropped, and he capitalized it in the next over in which pacer Bhuvneshwar Kumar conceded 19 runs.

Arshdeep Singh was brutally abused and portrayed as the match’s villain.

Some people even put derogatory messages on his Wikipedia page which were eventually corrected.

Singh bowled a great last over and was eventually to get Asif Ali out, but it proved to be too late as Pakistan won the game by 5 wickets in Asia Cup 2022

Arshdeep, who hasn’t posted anything on his social media handles since Sunday’s defeat to Pakistan, told his parents that he is ‘laughing’ seeing the tweets and messages.

Arshdeep Singh’s parents react to the controversy

“As a parent, it feels really bad. He is only 23. I don’t want to say much about trolls. You can’t shut everyone’s mouth. Without fans, there is no game. There are some who stand by you no matter what and others who can’t digest a single loss. But at the end of the day, only one team can win,” Darshan, who landed in Chandigarh from Dubai on Monday evening, told The Indian Express.

Arshdeep’s mother, meanwhile, has found a silver lining amid the storm. “Those who are abusing Arsh must have high hopes from him. They are saying all these things out of emotion. When he does well, all these things will be forgotten,” Baljeet said.

Mohammad Shami Lashes Out at Trolls for Abusing Arshdeep Singh

“They only live to troll us, have no other job. When we perform well they don’t say you took a good catch but will troll us? Agar dum hai toh real accounts se Aaye Na, fake account se toh koi bhi msg Kar Sakta hai (If you have the audacity, then comes from real accounts; anyone can message from fake accounts,)” Shami told Times Now in an exclusive interview.

“I’ve faced this and it doesn’t affect me because my country stands up for me. I’ll only say to Arshdeep, don’t let this hamper you because your talent is immense,” he added.

Virat Kohli, Harbhajan Singh, and several cricketers support Arshdeep Singh

“Anyone can make the mistake, the situation was tight. It was a high-pressure game and mistakes can happen. I still remember I was playing my first Champions Trophy and the match was against Pakistan, I had played a very bad shot against Shahid Afridi,” Kohli said after the game.

“I was watching the ceiling till 5 am, I was not able to sleep and I thought my career is over but these things are natural. Senior players get around you, there is a good team environment right now, I give the credit to the captain and coach.

“The players learn from their mistakes. So, one must accept his mistake, address it and look forward to being in that pressure situation once again,” he added

Harbhajan Singh and Irfan Pathan tweet in support of Arshdeep Singh

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