2018 runner-up dispirited over Asia Cup 2023 scheduling, not happy with travel during tournament

Asia Cup 2023 (Source - Twitter)
Asia Cup 2023 (Source - Twitter)

The Asian Cricket Council announced the schedule for the much-awaited Asia Cup 2023 on Wednesday, July 19. The long-awaited announcement was finally made after the long dispute between the Indian Cricket Board and Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) finally came to an end. The first match of the tournament will be played between the co-host Pakistan and Nepal on August 30.

ACC has acquired the hybrid model which was suggested by the PCB. And now, Sri Lanka and Pakistan both will host the tournament. Meanwhile, Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) cricket operation chairman Jalal Yunus has expressed their disappointment with the schedule and said that they are not happy with travelling during the tournament.

“Yes, we have to go to Lahore to play the first match. There are two matches in the first round, one in Sri Lanka and the other one in Pakistan. We have to go as we can do nothing actually. After the 31st [August] the next match is on 3rd [September]. To make the journey comfortable the Asia Cup authorities [ACC] have decided to travel the teams in chartered flights. 

“We will travel by chartered planes. This is the responsibility of the Asian Cricket Council. Of course, we would like to travel by quality airline, if that is a national airline or a chartered plane definitely that would be good for everyone,” Yunus was quoted as saying by Zee News.

All these things are mentally stressful: Jalal Yunus

Yunus further added and said that the continuous travel during the tournament from Pakistan to Sri Lanka will affect the players’ mentality. However, he also mentioned that the players are ready for the challenge and will accept this decision of ACC.

“If you travel certainly there will be an impact which I feel because when you are travelling by air you will have to go two hours earlier and carry your luggage and preparing all these things is mentally stressful. Pakistan is far away from Sri Lanka. So there is nothing to do since it is ACC’s decision, everyone is playing like this. We also have to accept it,” he added. 


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